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Central Library


Established in 1970, the Central Library of the Babol Noshirvani University of Technology offers all the services of a modern academic library on 1,500 square meters. The library consists of three floors. The first floor contains trusteeship room, indexing room and official section. The second floor contains referential and informational section, magazines part and study rooms.  

The main mission of the library is to provide, maintain and make accessibility to the scientific resources, including books, e-book CDs, journals (in Persian, Arabic, English and other foreign languages), dissertations, reports, information databases, reference books, circulation books, and offering services to users.


The library contains 4 sections working under the supervision of the Dean of Research and Technology, and books are regulated on the basis of LC system.

1. Library store contains advanced books in the subjects of the university majors both in Persian (35000 volumes of printed books) and in English (15000 volumes of printed books).

2. Indexing section is where new books, which are newly bought, are prepared and sent to trusteeship section.

3. Referential section contains encyclopedia, dictionaries, thesis (~2300), articles, CD index, and referential books both in Persian and in English.

4. Persian, English, and Arabic magazine section consists of the computers in trusteeship section for students to search the books.


Furthermore, the list of the books is available online as follows: http://lib.nit.ac.ir

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