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Incubator Center



The Technology Incubation Center (TIC) is a center, working under the directory of well-experienced experts, which is giving supportive services to budding entrepreneurs so that they can start up and develop new careers in different fields, leading to the innovation of technology. The applicant entrepreneurs are deployed in TIC as startup technical units with knowledge- and technique-based economical purposes.    

1- History

Babol Noshirvani University of Technology got the authorized approval for founding TIC from the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) in February 2009. The TIC statute of BNUT was ratified by the technical specialized committee of the Iranian MSRT on 30/09/2008 and approved by the then minister of the Iranian MSRT.  

2- The TIC Duties

  1. Creating the infrastructure for appropriate job opportunities to employ young entrepreneurs and university graduates in technical fields
  2. Providing appropriate conditions for commercialization of the technological and research achievements
  3. Fostering and developing small and medium knowledge-based companies which are active in various technical fields
  4. Assisting the economic and industrial development of the Province based on knowledge and technology

3- The TIC Services

The deployed units in the TIC of BNUT can enjoy the following services according to the financial support and tariff services regulation of the center during their deployment periods:

  • Support Services
  • Consulting and training services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Fiduciary Financial Services

4- Deployment of Technical Units

The deployment of the technical units in the TIC is performed via two ways:

  1. Primary Development Period: This is a six-month period during which the talented individuals and groups are trained to know the markets, determine working groups, consolidate their main idea and attain their legal identity. The period is expandable to nine months.
  2. Development Period: This is a maximum three-year period upon which the deployed technical units in the TIC ought to meet the development criteria so that they can leave the center. The period is expandable to 5 years by the approval of the TIC Council.

5- General Conditions for Application and Employment

  • Having a technology-based main idea which has economic justification
  • Having a significant main idea which is novel in terms of technology level and can be commercialized
  • Having legal identity
  • Having a business plan
  • Having active presence in the TIC
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