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Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate program is divided into three main fields: Solid Design, Thermofluids and Manufacturing. Courses are categorized as three types: Fundamental such as Math 1&2, Physics 1&2 and Ordinary Differential Equations; main courses and specialized courses again in the three mentioned subjects. List of these courses are given in the following tables.

Laboratory and Workshop courses are each one credit and other courses three credits. A B.Sc. student must obtain 140 credits to graduate.


Maine Courses

Specialized Courses

in Solid Design

Specialized Courses

in Thermofluids

Specialized Courses

in Manufacturing


Material Science Lab.

Thermal Machine Lab.

Precision Engineering Lab.

Engineering Drawing 1,2

Mechanics of Composite Materials

Heat Exchange  Design

Machine Ability Workshop


Body and classic Design of vehicle

Thermal Power Plant

Electrical And Electronics Application Lab.

Thermodynamics 1,2

Basics of Entrepreneurship

Water Transport and Distribution

CNC Workshop

Strength of Materials 1,2

Machine Tools Design


Casting Principles Workshop

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 1,2

Computer Aided Machine Design

Fuel and Combustion

Jig And Fixture Design Workshop

Engineering Mathematics

Strength of Materials 3

Central Heating and Air Conditioning

Heat Treatment And Metallurgy Lab.

Material Science

Industrial Materials

Cooling and Refrigeration

Special Production Lab.

Training 1,2

Mechanisms Design

Internal Combustion Engines

CAD - CAM Lab.

Welding Workshop

Introduction To Mechatronics

Gas Dynamics

Press Die Design Workshop

Machine Tools Workshop

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)


Universal Workshop

Automechanics Workshop

Fundamental of Automobile Dynamics


General Universal

Fluid Mechanics 1,2



Statistics and Probability for Engineers

Heat Transfer 1,2



CNC Machines

Machine Design 1,2



Casting And Forging Die Design

Machine Dynamics



Technology Of Casting Methods

Mechanical Vibrations



Technology Of Plastics

Fluid Mechanics Lab.



Quality Control

Strength of Materials Lab.



Casting Die Design And Workshop

Heat Transfer Lab.



Forging Die Design And workshop

Dynamics and Vibrations Lab.



Non-Destructive Tests

Thermodynamics Lab.




Production Method and Workshop




Measurement Systems




Automatic Control




Introduction to Finite Element Method




Technical English




Hydraulics and Pneumatics systems and Lab.




Final Project





Graduate Courses

Graduate program is divided into four main fields: Applied Design, Energy Conversion, Manufacturing and Naval Architecture-ship structure. List of courses in these fields are given in the following tables.

M.Sc. and Ph.D. students must choose eight and four courses, respectively, from the relevant field.   

 Applied Design

Applied Design

Energy Conversion


Naval Architecture-ship structure

Advanced Mechanisms Design

Hydro Aerodynamics

Principles of Machining and Cutting Tools

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Advanced Finite Elements

Advanced Heat Exchanger

Advanced Numerical Control Machine

Advanced Ship Vibration

Advanced Numerical Computation


Metal Forming

Advanced Finite Element Analysis and Numerical Computation

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Advanced Aerodynamics

Metallurgy in Production

Theory of Elasticity

Continuum Mechanics

Advanced gas dynamics

Advanced CAD / CAM

Ship Structure Design


Bio Fluid Mechanics

Advanced Numerical Computation

Advanced Ship Design

Energy Methods

Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems

Control and Test System of Machines Tools

Advanced Hydrodynamic Ship

Advanced Vibration-Random Vibration

Viscous Flows

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

Theory of Plates and Shells

Advanced Automatic Control

Micro and Nano Flow

Metal Forming Analysis

Wave Theory

Theory of Elasticity

Advanced Combustion

Finite Elements 1

Dynamic Of Marine Vehicle

Advanced Mechanics of Composite Materials

Two-Phase Flow

Optimal Design of Mechanical Parts


Nonlinear Control

Advanced Numerical Computation

Advanced Composite Materials


Advanced Machine Element Design

Continuum Mechanics

Optimization in Design and Production


Advanced Dynamics

Advanced Thermodynamics

Computer Simulation


Advanced Vibration- Vibration of Continuous Systems

Pollution Control

Ductile Fracture Mechanics



Advanced Heat Transfer - Convection

Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP)


Advanced Vibration-Nonlinear Vibration

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Non-Conventional Machining Processes


Robotics- Kinematics and Dynamics

Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Advanced Plastic Technology


Theory of Plates and Shells

Advanced Internal Combustion Engines

Additive Manufacturing


Advanced Computer Aided Design

Advanced Hydraulics

Fracture Mechanics 1


Advanced Machine Tool Design

Advanced Heat Transfer - Radiation

Mechatronic 1


Modal Analysis in Mechanical Systems


Mechatronic 2


Advanced Strength of Materials

Direct Energy Conversion

Advanced Automatic Control


Fracture Mechanics I

Advanced heat transfer - Conduction

Microprocessor Applications


Advanced Mechatronic

Boundary Layer

Advanced Measurement


Optimal Design of Mechanical Elements

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Advanced Robotics



Thermodynamics and mechanics of propulsion systems

Automation Program in Production



Approximate Methods in Heat Transfer

Advanced Hydraulic and Pneumatics



Advanced Measurement Methods

Industrial Production Systems




Instrumentation Engineering




Advanced Non-Destructive Tests




Production Planning and Control Systems




Design of Elements and Structure of Machine Tools




Advanced Numerical Calculations




Analog Control Systems




Strength of Materials 3




Advanced Metal Cutting




Mechanical Behavior of Materials




Advanced Tool Design




Advanced Machine Tool Design




Surface Finishing Methods




Advanced Heat Treatment




Joining of Polymeric Materials




Joining of Metallic Materials








Mechanics of Continuum Media 1




Elasticity 1




Advanced Powder Metallurgy




Metal Coating




Experimental Analysis of Stress
















Fatigue and Creep




Theory of Plates and Shells




Machines Tool Vibrations




Digital Control Systems




Selected Topics in Manufacturing 1




Selected Topics in Manufacturing 2


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